About Us

Here's a few things about Track and Tone ...



Join us as we dive into our favorite topics while driving around, going on road trips and ranting about everything under the sun. Tackling controversial, fun, and funny topics.



Follow our social media accounts where you can see Track and Tone's adventures as well as some of our professional Work. Contact us to discuss great locations that we can take photos of and you will get a shout out for telling us of a great place to adventure to.

Web/App Development

Full-Stack Engineering

Have a great idea you want to build or a website you need made? Look no further we can do more than rant. Hire us to design a website app or game for you.


Audio Engineering

Are you interested in hosting your own podcast? We will be hosting bi-monthly audio engineering workshops where you can learn the basics in equipment and software for any budget. Onsale tickets to be announced.